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How does the wine club work?
As a member of the Mora Wine Club, you will receive 3, 6, 12 or 15 bottles of wine each quarter (9 or 15 bottles of wine each quarter for Australian members). The shipments are fully customisable to your wine preferences, as outlined below.
What discounts apply to wine club purchases?
Discounts are tiered by club type:
• 3 bottle members receive a 10% discount on wines
• 6 bottle members receive a 15% discount on wines
• 12 bottle members receive a 20% discount on wines
• 15 bottle members receive a 24.99% discount on wines

• Australian 9 bottle members receive a 15% discount on wines
• Australian 15 bottle members receive a 24.99% discount on wines

This applies to all wines in the Mora and RUA ranges, with the exception of Kolo Pinot Noir.
Does the wine club discount apply to wines purchased in addition to my regular shipments?
Absolutely! This discount will apply to your regular quarterly shipments, as well as any wine purchased in between shipments from our website, over the phone, or from our cellar door.
How much does each shipment cost?
This varies by tier:
• 3 bottle club – average $119 per shipment, including freight (average $36.23/bottle)
• 6 bottle club – average $235 per shipment, including freight (average $37.44/bottle)
• 12 bottle club – average $411 per shipment, complimentary freight (average $37/bottle)
• 15 bottle club – average $486 per shipment, complimentary freight (average $34.08/bottle)

• Australian 9 bottle club – average $NZ 457 per shipment, including freight (average $50.78/bottle)
• Australian 15 bottle club – average $NZ 691 per shipment, including freight (average $46.07/bottle)
How much does shipping cost with the wine club?
This varies by tier:
• $10 flat rate shipping for 3 & 6 bottle members (NZ only – international rates apply)
• Complimentary shipping for 12 and 15 bottle members (NZ only – international rates apply)

Bottle prices for Australian clubs include freight door-to-door when purchasing a full shipment of 9 or 15 bottles. Additional freight charges will apply for any orders that do not meet these case quantities ($124 for 1 - 9 bottles or $139 for 10 - 15 bottles).
What is the minimum time commitment to the wine club?
Mora Wine Club Membership is subject to a minimum of four quarterly purchases. After one year, you are free to cancel at any time up to 2 weeks prior to any shipping date, without penalty. If you cancel your membership before receiving four quarterly shipments, that is viewed as an early termination. Early terminations are subject to a fee of $20 ($50 for Australian members) or the sum of the discounts you have received up until the point of your early termination - whichever is greater. The latter amount covers discounted benefits you may have received as part of the benefits of being a Wine Club member, including but not limited to, discounts on wine tasting, wine purchases and bonus wines.
Can I join the wine club if I live overseas?
Yes, we can ship wines internationally to select countries. Please enquire with for a quote. The most cost-effective way to ship internationally is in 15 bottle increments.
Which wines will be included in my wine club shipment?
Our shipments are a mix of Central Otago, Single Site, Methode Traditionelle and RUA wines – both whites and Pinot Noir. This is fully customisable to your wine preferences and you will have two weeks prior to the shipment to make any changes you desire.
How will I know which wines are in the upcoming shipment?
You will receive emails 2 weeks and 2 days prior to the charge date advising of details for the upcoming shipment.
For example, if we are charging on the 1st of December, you will receive an email with the wine selections on the 17th and 29th of November. During that period, you will be able to customise either through your account on our website or by phoning our office.
Can I change the wines included in my wine club shipment?
Yes, your shipments are fully customisable.
Which months are the quarterly shipments sent?
Wine Club shipments are charged and dispatched in December, March, June and September each year (New Zealand) or November, February, May and August (Australia).
Can I change my membership?
Yes, you absolutely can. You can upgrade or change your membership at anytime, except for the 2-week period prior to a shipment being dispatched (e.g., the 17th of November to the 1st of December for the December shipment). Please email us at or update your membership through your account on our website.
Can I put my membership on hold?
Yes, if you are away or otherwise engaged for a period of time, we are able to put your membership on hold. Simply email us at with the dates you’d like to put it on hold, and we will update your account. It will reactivate automatically once the end date is reached. As long as you fulfil your four quarterly shipments, we don't mind if you skip one or two.
Can I cancel my wine club membership?
After a year, your membership can be cancelled without penalty by providing us with written notice at up to two weeks prior to the next shipment date. If you cancel before the one year is up, you are subject to an early cancellation fee as outlined above.
How do I pay for my wine club shipments?
At sign up, we will require a credit card to be put on file. This card will be automatically charged on the shipment date (1 December, 1 March, 1 June and 1 September for New Zealand or 1 November, 1 February, 1 May and 1 August for Australia).
How is my credit card data protected?
Our credit card processor is Stripe, which has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor. They are a PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. To accomplish this, they use the best-in-class security tools and practices to maintain a high level of security. All card numbers are encrypted with AES-256.

More on security at Stripe can be found at:
How do I sign up?
There are several ways to join the club:
• In person with our team at the cellar door or restaurant
• Online at
• By phone at +64 (0)3 777 6161
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