Apr 28, 2024
Joelle Thomson - Kolo Pinot Noir Wine of the Week
I have been tasting my way through a long line up of Pinot Noirs to write an extensive annual report that I have written for Drinksbiz magazine for the past 14 years. This year's report includes Pinot Noirs that are better than ever and that is the tip of the iceberg. Here is a wine that absolutely shines now, thanks to being intentionally held back by the winery, which had the view that sharing a beautifully aged wine would shine another light on Pinot Noir from the deep south of New Zealand and the world.

It does.

Wine of the week


2017 Mora Kolo Pinot Noir RRP $115

It's something of a cliche that good things take time and it's also an incredibly apt description of how great a well aged wine can taste, which leads us nicely into this outstanding Central Otago Pinot Noir from the team at Mora. The aim is to make small amounts of the best wine possible and this Pinot Noir certainly makes a good case for best in show. Tasted alongside a long line up of other wines (all with their identities concealed), it stood out for its smoothness, its subtle depths and layers of flavour; aromas of sweet dried cranberries, black cherries and smoked mushrooms lead into a robust full bodied Pinot Noir with lingering flavours.

The winemaking team's aim is to produce it in small volumes and hold it back for release so it will always be a slightly older wine, putting Pinot Noir's most complex foot forward. The name Kolo is the Maori name for a legendary warrior who protected his family from a pouakai; a Haast eagle.

The legend is majestic and so is the wine.

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