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Here you’ll find Central Otago’s oldest certified organic vines, organic since the vineyard was established in 1993.

Eden is home to nearly 30-year-old certified organic Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vines. It is also the site of Mora’s second youngest block of Pinot Noir, planted at the end of 2017, taking the total vineyard size to over 27 hectares.
A complex mix of Pinot Noir clones has been planted here to ensure continued complexity in our finished wines. Soils here are alluvial schist gravels with overlaid with clay, silt and sand. This, together with the exposure of this vineyard and marked diurnal shift, results in wines with purity and tension.

A glass of our Sauvignon Blanc will give you a direct insight into the bright acidity and intense fruit flavours of Eden. Plus, this site is also the source of our single vineyard certified organic Eden Chardonnay.
  • 1Once an orchard full of lush stone fruit and apples, Eden is now a flourishing organic vineyard.
  • 2Mark from our vineyard team inspects one of our nearly 30-year-old vines at Eden Vineyard in Pisa.
  • 3Our vineyard team work beneath the towering Pisa Range at our organic Eden Vineyard.
  • 4Our office at Eden stands guard over our organic vineyard.
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