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Felton Terraces

At the extreme end of Felton Road, tucked right into the crook of Long Gully and tracing the foothills of the mountains to the river, is our Felton Terraces Vineyard.

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Felton Terraces is divided over three blocks named after a local Maori family legend.
Years ago, young Māori warrior Kolo was bathing with his mother Kofuia and baby sister Maia down at the river’s edge, when they were attacked by the giant pouākai or Haast Eagle. Kolo bravely fought off the assault, saving Maia from being carried away.

These vineyard blocks are planted 87% with Pinot Noir with small amounts of Riesling and Pinot Gris over 21 hectares. Despite being only about 8 minutes’ drive from our Cairnmuir Flats property, this vineyard can develop different fruit flavour and structure due to being on opposite sides of the crescent shape of Bannockburn. Felton Terraces receives gentle morning sun and is more protected from hot late afternoon sun as it sets behind the mountains. Pinot Noir here can show lighter more red-fruited character when compared to Cairnmuir Flats and the tannin structure more linear, the acids drawn taut.

For a taste of the unique terroir of Kolo vineyard, grab a bottle of Mora Kolo Pinot Noir, only available direct from our cellar door or website.
  • 1Spring budburst in action on our spur pruned vines
  • 2Felton Terraces is tucked into the crook of Long Gully and traces the foothills of the mountains to the river
  • 3The arid landscape of the Bannockburn subregion is evident in the layered rocks that are scattered about
  • 4The hills surrounding the Felton Terraces vineyard turn a purple hue in the springtime with flowering thyme abundant in the area
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